Extended Care Software For Before & After School Care Programs

ExtendedCare-Header-Sample4aOrgs Online Extended Care software service gives Before & After School Care administrators what they have been asking for!
Here's why...

  • Accepts Variable Billing Rates
  • Families Sign-up & Pay Online
  • Record Attendance & Instantly Generate Billings
  • Each Family's Account Is Automatically Charged
  • Families View Attendance & Billing Records Online
  • Notify Family's Automatically If Their Account Balance Is Low
  • Families Add Funds To Their Extended Care Account Online
  • Administrative Reports & Tools Instantly Available Online

Orgs Online Extended Care software service for Before and After School Care programs makes it easy to track Before & After School Care attendance and collect payments. Families register online to use your school's extended care services and deposit funds into the family's Extended Care Account. Program administrators use point-and-click tools to quickly record Before & After School Care attendance. As families use the service, each family's account is automatically charged for their usage. When a family's account balance is low, the system can notify families to add funds to their account. Billings are automatically posted to family accounts for viewing by families when they access their online account.

Accept Online Payments