Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Common Family Questions

How do families submit School Lunch Orders?
What if I do not have Internet access and can not order online?
What if I make a mistake when placing an online order, can I correct the mistake?
What if a Password is forgotten?
What if my email address changes?
How do families order for multiple children?
Is a separate payment submitted for each student's order?
What if I forget what I ordered for my children's school lunch?
Can I change my school lunch order after it has been submitted?
What if I miss a school lunch online ordering due date?

Common Administrator Questions

What do we have to change to use this service?
Does this service sell food?
What type of school lunch programs does this service best support?
Does this school lunch ordering system use paper order forms?
What if a family does not have access to the Internet?
What software must a school buy to use this school lunch ordering service?
Does the school control the school lunch menu?
How do I put my menu onto the school lunch ordering website?
How many lunch items can be offered each day?
How are prices entered into the school lunch order form?
Can "extra" servings be priced differently from the main entrée?
Can orders be paid for with credit cards or electronic checking?
Does the system track family payments & account balances?
What if a family has an unpaid balance?
Can families prepay for school lunches?
What if school  lunch food is delivered more than once per day?
How does the school lunch staff know what each student ordered?
Does this online ordering system provide General Management Reports?

Questions Frequently Asked By Families

How do families submit orders?

Each family has a school lunch ordering account. Families access their account by going to the school lunch ordering website. Each family account is password protected using the password created by the family when they setup their account. Once they successfully access the school lunch ordering website, they will see their individual family account page.

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What if I do not have Internet access and can not order online?

If you do not have Internet access school lunch orders can still be recorded into your school lunch account. LUNCHbuilder ™ provides proxy ordering tools that make it easy for school lunch program administrators to accommodate telephone orders if necessary. School lunch program administrators can place orders for anyone who has an account associated with their organization.

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What if I make a mistake when placing an online order, can I correct the mistake?

You have the ability to change a school lunch order after it has been submitted as long as the ordering period is still open. After that, the LUNCHbuilder ™ proxy ordering tools make it possible for school lunch program administrators to correct orders after they have been submitted. The LUNCHbuilder ™ built-in "support system" let's you send a "trouble report" to your school lunch program administrators. With the LUNCHbuilder ™ proxy ordering tools, ...previously submitted orders can be amended at anytime.

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What If A Password Is Forgotten?

The online school lunch ordering service offers Password Retrieval assistance. The Forgot My Password link on the login page allows a user to request that his/her password be sent to the email address on record for the account.

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What If My Email Address Changes?

As part of the online school lunch ordering account manager, families have the ability to update their email address after they successfully log into their account. If they are uncomfortable with that process, the "Contact Us" buttons found throughout the website makes it easy for them to request personal assistance from the Orgs Online Technical Support team. Our support team is happy to update a family's account information upon request.

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How Do Families Order For Multiple Children?

After families access their online school lunch ordering account, they can view a separate order form for each student in the family. Each student's school lunch order can be different.

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Is a Separate Payment Submitted For Each Student's Order?

The online school lunch ordering system tracks each student's order individually, but groups the payment amount due into a lump sum family total. After desired orders are submitted for each student in the family, a Family Total Amount Due will be displayed on the family's order confirmation.

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What If I Forget What I Ordered For My Children's School Lunch?

We have tried to make ordering school lunch easy. We've also tried to make it easy to remember what was ordered. In fact, you don't have to remember because you can either view the email confirmation that is sent when you order, or you go back to the school lunch ordering website at anytime and see what you ordered - for each child.

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Can I change My School Lunch Order After It Has Been Submitted?

Online school lunch orders can be changed as many times as you desire during the school's lunch ordering period. School lunch administrators determine the cut-off date for each ordering period. Once the cut-off date arrives, families can no longer change orders. If a change is however needed, school lunch administrators may be able to make changes to orders.

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What If I Miss A School Lunch Online Ordering Due Date?

The administrative tools provided by the Orgs Online school lunch ordering service gives school lunch administrators the ability to set their own policies and practices concerning late orders. However, all orders and payments must be recorded prior to running school lunch order reports.

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Questions Frequently Asked By Administrators

What Do We have To Change To Use This Service?

The biggest change, is that school lunch coordinators no longer need to manually collect and count school lunch order forms. Schools using paper order forms to collect school lunch orders will find that they no longer need to print, distribute, and collect the paper order forms. Other than that, there are no other significant changes. Your school lunch order form is displayed on a website so families can submit their school lunch orders. The school lunch ordering system counts the orders and generates lunch order reports needed by lunch coordinators. Most everything else can remain the same.

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Does This Service Sell Food?

The Orgs Online school lunch ordering software is an order processing and reporting service. Orgs Online does not sell food. Each school is responsible for their food selections. This system records orders placed and accumulates them into administrative reports for school lunch administrators.

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What Type Of School Lunch Programs Does This Service Best Support?

The Orgs Online hot lunch software was designed to support private elementary & high schools whose school families pre-order and prepay for school lunches. If in addition, school lunch food is prepared off-site and delivered to school, then our online ordering service will greatly simplify and streamline your school lunch program.

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Does This School Lunch Ordering System Use Paper Order Forms?

With this system school lunch orders are submitted and recorded electronically. There is no need for paper order forms and the manual data entry they require.

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What If A Family Does Not Have Access To The Internet?

Schools using the Orgs OnLine school lunch ordering service have found that there are ways to accommodate families who lack Internet access. Examples include having their orders entered by a school lunch volunteer, or making a school computer available for use on-site.

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What software must a school buy to use this School Lunch ordering service?

The Orgs Online school lunch ordering software resides on our secured website servers. Families and School Lunch Administrators using this system only need Internet connection and the ability to connect to a website. Orders are entered into the website by families, and administrators access order reports using online administrative tools.

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Does The School Control The School Lunch Menu?

Yes! The Orgs Online school lunch ordering service makes it easy for school lunch administrators to create their own school lunch menus. Orgs Online has NO ROLE whatsoever in determining what items appear on a schools lunch order form.

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How Do I Put My Menu Onto The School Lunch Ordering Website?

The Orgs Online school lunch ordering service provides a suite of online administrative tools that make it very easy to build your school's individual school lunch menu. You can build a monthly menu in less than five minutes.

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How Many Lunch Items Can Be Offered Each Day?

The online Menu Builder tools allows school lunch administrators to include as few as one item or as many as they want to offer. Items offered each day are displayed together under that calendar day listing. Families can order one or more of any item listed.

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How Are Prices Entered Into The School Lunch Order Form?

Each item listed on the school lunch order form can have a separate price. The school lunch administrators establish each lunch item's price using the online Menu Builder tools provided in the Orgs OnLine school lunch ordering service.

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Can "extra" servings be priced differently from the main entrée?

Yes! When school lunch administrators create their school's lunch menu, they can add options for "extra" servings – and assign each a separate price.

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Can Orders Be Paid For With Credit Cards or Electronic Checking?

Yes! Credit Card and other electronic payment processing can be accommodated. Since each school's setup will vary, electronic payment processing is handled on an as-needed basis.

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Does The System Track Family Payments & Account Balances?

Yes! This online ordering system tracks payments recorded for each family. All payments are matched to orders and the "amount due" as shown on the order confirmation reflects the account's overall balance at that time.

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What If A Family Account Has An Unpaid Balance?

If a payments recorded don't cover amount ordered, the account is listed in an Open Balance report that displays all accounts having an Open Balance. An email link is attached to each family listed in the Open Balance report to so school lunch administrators can easily notify those owing money.

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Can Families Prepay For School Lunches?

Yes! Families can prepay for school lunches. The system continually tracks each family's account balance. As orders are submitted, the system automatically adjusts the account balance.

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What If School Lunch Food Is Delivered More Than Once Per Day?

This online lunch ordering system can provide food count reports showing the number of items ordered per day / per lunch period.

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How Does The School Lunch Staff Know What Each Student Ordered?

After all online lunch orders are accumulated for any given ordering period, school lunch coordinators can generate student lunch reports showing what each student ordered, per day, per class or per grade. These reports can be used to print a daily "master lunch list" as well as individual "student lunch tickets".

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Does This OnLine Ordering System Provide General Management Reports?

The reports provided by this online school lunch ordering system offers lunch coordinators the ability to generate a variety of management reports showing breakdowns by food groups, vendors, price, etc.

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