Lunch System Features

Orgs Online school lunch ordering software services work with your school's website -- and our support staff works with your webmaster to link your website to the Orgs Online school lunch ordering system. Families go to your school's website to place a lunch order.

For Families

  • Orgs Online School Lunch Ordering software services eliminate paper order forms.
  • Orgs Online School Lunch Ordering software services eliminate the time it takes to fill-out paper order forms.
  • Your school's hot-lunch order form is displayed on a website.
  • Families see an Order Confirmation after their order is submitted.
  • Built-in bookkeeping system lets families view their orders and payment records online 24/7.
  • Lunch orders are automatically counted when families submit their online lunch orders.
  • Online payment capability is available to accept electronic checks or credit/debit cards.
  • If a family prepays then their Order Confirmation will reflect any credit balance in their account.

For Administrators

  • You can build your school's hot lunch order form using online tools available day or night.
  • Online school lunch order forms can offer as many items per day as desired.
  • Prices are set by program Administrators - via a secured Administrative website.
  • Extra-portion options can be offered -- and priced separately.
  • Each food item can have up to six different prices.
  • Families only see the prices for which they have been assigned.
  • Items offered to staff only – can be hidden from student lunch order forms.
  • School families order school lunch online by going to a password protected website.
  • Program Administrators set cut-off dates for all school lunch online ordering.
  • Lunch crews can access school lunch food order reports online at anytime.
  • Food Count and Lunch Order reports can be grouped by: grade, by teacher, by lunch period, or by student.
  • Customized school lunch reports are also available to meet special needs.
  • Orgs Online School Lunch Ordering software makes it easy to record & track each family's school lunch payments.
  • Built-in bookkeeping system lets administrators easily view & edit account balances, record credits, issue charges, and more
  • Each family's current balance is displayed when the family accesses their online account.
  • School lunch family accounts automatically track amount ordered vs. amount paid.
  • Payments are accumulated for deposit and can be grouped to produce Bank Deposit Slips.
  • Student lunch tickets can be generated showing what each student ordered.
  • Student lunch tickets for young children can be printed to stick on labels.
  • Student lunch tickets can be grouped for distribution ... per grade, ...per classroom, ..per lunch period.
  • The school lunch system's proxy-ordering tools make it easy for lunch administrators to accept and record phone orders from families if needed.
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