Why Use Orgs Online Lunch Ordering?

Orgs Online school lunch ordering is a great timesaver for schools that collect school lunch orders in advance. Schools can create and display customized lunch order forms for online lunch ordering. Lunch coordinators can set whatever ordering period they want to offer. When families submit online payments, Orgs Online school lunch ordering eliminates almost all manual data entry because family lunch orders are automatically recorded when they are entered into the website.

Top 10 Reasons For Using Orgs Online School Lunch Ordering

  • Saves Time...
Reduces data entry time spent by volunteers or staff.

  • No more paper order forms...
Eliminates need to manually copy paper orders into a computer. Administrative tools make it easy to create customized online order forms.

  • "The computer did it..."
School lunch coordinators can set a start and stop date for ordering and the computer's "cut-off date" automatically closes the online order form.

  • No waiting on reports...
Hot lunch order counts are instantly available once the ordering cut-off date arrives. Easily create Vendor Purchase Orders, Classroom Reports, Lunch Line Reports, and more.

  • Eliminate math mistakes...
Amounts due are automatically calculated for families when orders are submitted.

  • "What did I order..."
Families can view (or print) their school lunch orders online at anytime.

  • "Can you change my order..."
Administrators can submit, change, or delete lunch orders for anyone at anytime.

  • "I did not know..."
Send emails to families when ordering begins and is about to end.

  • "I thought I paid that..."
Families can view payments by accessing their online school lunch ordering account.

  • Suspend Users...
If payments not received, administrators can suspend users until payment received.
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