After School Care Overview

asc5Orgs Online Extended Care Software Services for Before & After School Care makes it easy to track attendance and collect payment.

With Orgs Online software services, Before & After School Care program administrators use "point-and-click" tools to quickly record attendance into an electronic system. Once attendance has been recorded, the Orgs Online Before and After School Care software service automatically charges each attending family's account based on your program's fee structure.

The Orgs Online Before & After School Care software services are online tools offered on an annual subscription basis. There is no software to purchase or maintain.

Participating families access the Before & After School Care software service by connecting to a password protected website.

Families participating in a Before & After School Care program can register for the program online, and manage their family's account online at anytime. Each family has their own online account from which they can view attendance records and billing statements and submit payments for their Before & After School Care services.

Administrators can easily record attendance as students arrive, or enter them into the system later. Student departure times are also easily recorded into the system by Administrators or (if administrators allow) by authorized family members when retrieving students.

After attendance is recorded, family billings can be automatically generated and charged to each family's Extended Care Account. Billings will automatically apply multi-students (or other) discounts when generating each family's Before & After School Care billings.