Why Orgs Online Sports Manager?

The Orgs Online Sports Manager is a more convenient and accurate way to collect sports registration forms and payments online. It eliminates the need for the typical "sports sign-up day".

With Orgs Online Sports Manager, sports registrations are not restricted to a time and place. Participants can register from home by accessing an online website. Likewise, there is no need to manually copy participant information from paper forms into a computer spreadsheet because the Orgs Online Sports Manager does it for you. When participants submit their online registration forms, their information is automatically recorded. Plus, administrators can create team rosters, set practice and game schedules, or generate other reports at anytime by accessing a website.

Top 10 Reasons For Using Orgs Online Sports Manager:

  • Eliminates long lines at sign-up days...
Families can sign-up (and pay) for multiple sports from home by going to a website. With online registrations the sign-up period can extend over weeks or months. It's your choice.

  • Stop copying handwritten registrations into spreadsheets...
Save time for league administrators and team managers by eliminating the need to manually copy sign-up registrations from paper forms into a computer.

  • Accept multiple registrations at same time
Administrative tools make it easy to create customized online sign-up registration forms. Display multiple sports registrations at same time and have different cut-off dates as needed. Amounts due are automatically calculated for families when submitting multiple registration forms.

  • Simplifies bookkeeping
Payments are posted to an online ledger. As payments are posted the "Amount Due" vs "Amount Paid" is automatically calculated and displayed for each family's account.

  • No waiting on reports...
Registration lists are instantly available online once the sign-up cut-off date arrives. Easily assign players to teams and notify participants of their team assignment by email.

  • Easily assign players to teams...
Record and view player evaluation rankings when assigning players to teams using point-and-click tools.

  • Stop Chasing Late Payments
You can accept payments online and require payment at time of registration.

  • All of a family's sports activities are displayed in one place
Each participating family has a personal "family account" listing all participants in the family, plus emergency contact information.

  • "I did not know..."
Coaches can easily send an email to all members of his/her team with one-click "coach mail".

  • "I thought I paid that..."
Families can view payments for all registrations and uniform orders by accessing their online account. The "Open Balance" report shows administrators anyone who has an outstanding balance.
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