Privacy Policy

Orgs Online services are offered in support of subscribing organizations typically by processing online registrations, orders, payments, and related information then providing associated administrative reports for the organization's program administrators and its authorized agents.

As part of the Orgs Online software services, personal User accounts are established for those using the system. User accounts are setup by those families and individuals electing to use the Orgs Online software services made available to organizations they support.

Personal information recorded in User accounts to support an organization's online registration, ordering, and payment processing activities is dedicated to that organization's use.

Personal information recorded as part of the online software services offered by Orgs Online is considered private information. Unless required to do so by a legal authority such as a court order, personal information is not shared with anyone other than employees, support team contractors and service providers (for use only in support of services provided on behalf of the User's affiliated organization), and authorized representatives of the organizations being served by Orgs Online.

Authorized representatives of an organization are those persons named by the organization as duly authorized program administrators or agents supporting that organization's online programs.

Orgs Online services made available to a user's affiliated organization gives the organization the ability to send users email associated with the organization's programs. Email sent to users by the user's affiliated organization (when using the emailer mechanism offered through Orgs Online services) contains a way for recipients to cease receiving such email. If a recipient wishes to cease such email, the recipient should follow the instructions found at the bottom of any email the organization sends using the Orgs Online emailer.

If at anytime a User has questions regarding the use of information recorded by the online ordering system, please feel free to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by sending a trouble report using the GET HELP link found throughout the online ordering & registration website.